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Ion Foot Bath - See ion foot bath tab under menu tab for more

1-  45 minute sessions- $35.00
3-  45 minute sessions- $93.00   ($31.00 each)
6-  45 minute sessions- $168.00 ($28.00 each) 
60 minute session for $48

Relax in a massage chair during the foot bath. Enjoy a foot and lower leg rub with essentials oils after the foot bath.

Infrared Sauna- See sauna tab under menu for more information

One session - 30 minutes - $20.00
150 minutes - $90.00        (5 - 30 minute sessions @ $18.00 each)
240 minutes - $136.00      (8 - 30 minute sessions @ $17.00 each)
330 minutes - $176.00    (11 - 30 minute sessions @ $16.00 each)

Colon Hydrotherapy/

Colonics-See colon hydrotherapy under menu tab for more details

The Initial session will take 1 hour and 15 minutes.
                                               Then every session after that will be 50 to 55 minutes long.     
                                                        The first session is $75
                                                        As a returning customer, your session are $65.

Massage Therapy - See massage under menu tab for more information.    We offer a variety of massage therapies : Swedish, DeepTissue, Hot Stone, Heated Bamboo, Himalayan Salt, Prenatal, Reiki, and AromaTouch Technique with doTERRA oils. 

Organic Facials and Peelssee Organic facials under menu tab for more information.

We offer a variety of facials: Youthful Contour Facial, Hydra Quench Facial, Radiant Renewal Facial, Calming Comfort Facial, Clear Harmony Facial, Skin 911, Machine Facials, Luscious Chocolate, Men’s Invigorating  Facial, Sinus Pressure Relief, Moor Mud and Seaweed Facial. Prices range per facial.

Body Wraps - see the organic body wrap menu tab to learn more. Pick a clay based or mud based wrap. They range from $90 to $97. They are 90 minutes long.

Organic Body Scrubs

We offer a variety of organic body scrubs.

See our scrubs under the menu tab for details.

The sessions are 75 minutes long and are $88.

Ear Candling- See ear candling under the menu tab for more information

One session with 2 candles is $45.00.

The session includes hot towels and a massage around the ears and sinuses. This session will take 40 minutes.

Full/Partial Body Waxing

for men and women

See body waxing under the menu tab for prices

Hair Tinting

Eyebrow - $16

Eyelash -  $19

Combo brow and lash - $33

add eyebrow wax for $10, instead of $15