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Ear Candling

One session with 2 candles is $45.00.

Add on Paraffin for your hands and feet for the ultimate soft skin for only $30

                           Ear candling has been around for centuries as a way of cleaning the ear naturally and gently.  It dates back to Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, and even the American Indians tribes used this method.           

                           Ear candling is good to help alleviate ear infections, hearing loss, sinus congestion, ear pain, itching, ringing in the ears, and vertigo (dizziness). It is good for people who work outdoors or dusty environments, water enthusiasts, live or work with animals, have chronic headaches, and those who have the feel of plugged up ears.

                         An ear candle session is about 40 minutes long. The client will lie on his or her side on a comfortable table in a private room. A towel will be draped over the hair to protect the hair, face and neck. A warm towel will be placed on the side of the face that is up. A gentle massage will be giving to the area around the ear to try to help loosen and warm any materials in the ear or surrounding tissue. A 8-10 inch cone shaped candle made of muslin fabric and dipped in beeswax will be lite and placed gently in the clients ear canal. After that side is done, the client will roll over to do the same thing on the other side'                       

                      The concept is as the candle burns, warm smoke goes into the ear canal. The results of the heated smoke creates a vacuums which draws old wax and residue out of the ear and of the hollow core of he cone-shaped candle. Fluids are drawn from the ears, sinuses, and lymph glands. As these materials are removed the natural processes of the ear can resume.

                       After sessions my clients have reported an improvement in their hearing, better sense of balance, less ear itching, heightened sense of taste and smell, less ear infections and sinus drainage, and even metal clarity.

Of course, no medical claims, promises, or guarantees can be made as to the benefits. All you can do is try it and see for yourself how you feel afterwards.