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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is $63 for 60 minutes.

For very specific area of the body we can do 30 minutes for $38.


         Add a Ion Foot Bath after the session to help

         pull the toxins from the circulatory system-$35

The lymphatic system main functions are removal of excess fluids from body tissues, absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat, chyle, to the circulatory system and production of immune cells (such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and antibody producing cells called plasma cells).

The lymph system acts as your personal cleaner as it picks up, filters and cleans fluids, cell wastes, viruses and bacteria. When the lymph system works well, you’ll experience a healthy life and have a strong protection for diseases. Meanwhile, you may feel tired and be more prone to colds, infections as well as more serious medical problems when the said system is blocked.

Through very light pressures in a rhythmic motion can stimulate the system to work as it is and to help it move the lymph fluids back to the heart. Warning: Even though this treatment is somewhat beneficial, the practice is not advisable to those who have a certain type of cancer; it will just encourage cancer to spread throughout the body, as well as serious heart diseases, serious infections, or internal bleeding. Ask the massage therapist to answer any questions for you.

A failing lymphatic drainage- a natural function of the system, is commonly caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, pollutants, pregnancy, surgery and trauma. 

Other benefits include:

Pregnancy and After Pregnancy - For pregnant and lactating women, LDT gives comfort especially in legs and feet when you have fluid retention. Considering the problems with blocked ducts and sore tight breasts of these superb Moms, breast feeding would be enhanced by this treatment.

Healing – LDT can reduce pain and discomfort during surgery, injury or headache. Decongesting the swollen and sore tissues through therapy, pain and discomfort would be reduced.

Skin Care - For the conscious gals out there, skin care routine like applying cleanser, toner and moisturizer, this is a must-have. LDT can help with skin conditions like helping reach a clearer complexion, reduced puffiness around the eyes, and lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead.

Toxin Removal – LDT can help the body move toxins out for the tissues. It helps lessen the lethargic approach of a person brought on by too much starchy, high fat foods and too little workout.

Relaxation - LDT can help you relax and bring a feeling of well-being to your body, cleansing and rejuvenating the body and soul. 

Contraindications: If you have any of the following conditions you are not a candidate for the lymphatic drainage or should reconsider the services at this time:

                                 insufficient heart pumping

                                 severe kidney dysfunction

                                 can increase menstrual cramping if you are already menstruating

                                 could possible cause problems with seizure disorders