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Organic Body Scrubs

These are the ultimate beauty treatments for the body, emphasizing total relaxation. After a thorough exfoliation of the skin with your choice of scrub, we cocoon your body with blankets for fifteen minutes to allow the scrub nutrient’s to penetrate into your skin. This is followed by a shower. As a final soothing touch, a handcrafted organic body moisturizer is applied to refresh your skin.                  These Body Scrub sessions are 75 minutes of pure relaxation and cost $88.

Blue Green Algae Salt Scrub

Blue-Green Alga comes from the Klamath Falls in Oregon and is the purest, most nutrient intact algae available in the world. It is highly bio-available and contains a full spectrum of minerals, chlorophyll, B vitamins, beta-carotene, pro vitamin A, lipids, active enzymes, essential amino acids, nucleic acids, and DHA & EPA fatty acids. This scrub is designed to feed your skin. It contains rich oils, vitamin E, salts, and butters that will leave your skin soft and supple.

Citrus Cleansing Sugar Scrub

An organic body scrub that exfoliates and washes at the same time! Stimulate dull and lifeless skin! Nourishing oils mixed with sugar, and 4 pure, therautic grade, essential oils: lemon, bergamot, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Stress No More Scrub

We know how it feels to be short on time. More frazzled than dazzled. This luxurious scrub is made from sugar, nurishing oils and calming relaxation blend of 3 pure, therapeutic grade essential oils: cedar wood, roman chamomile, and lavender. It exfoliates while it hydrates, removing dirt and dead skin, while the soothing organic oils leave you softer than silk and feeling oh so relaxed.

Coconut Ginger lime Salt and Sugar Scrub

Shredded coconut, salt and sugar gently polish away dry skin, while rich organic oils of coconut and sesame plus shea butter leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.  It has a slightly sweet coconut-lime scent.

Dead Sea Body Scrub

Revitalize your skin with the minerals found at extraordinary levels in Dead Sea salt and Kelp, a seaweed. It also contains aloe, neem and palm oils. Seaweed is detoxing and nutritious for your skin, while to other ingredients will feed and moisturize it.