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Our body scrub treatments start with your choice of a creamy exfoliating scrub, gentle cocoon of warming blankets followed by a warm shower and a relaxing hydrating treatment.

Body Scrub sessions are 90 minutes of pure relaxation for $111

Coconut Bliss

Organic Tropical Bliss

Pink Moonshine

Passion Fruit Perfection

The Dreamsicle

Orange Cream Refreshment

Vanilla Chantilly

Warm and Cozy

River Dance

Rosemary Mint & Lavender Relaxation

Apple Harvest Moon

Refreshment Lighter than Air

Seaside Suds

A Vacation Anytime

Add ons

The Body Buffer - a professional tool that uses rotating and vibrating massage to exfoliate, hydrate and massage the body. It soothes sore and achy muscles and leaves the skin softer than soft! You can upgrade any body treatment with the body buffer to get the most from your treatment. Adds 20 minutes to body treatment for $25

Ecofin Hand and Foot Deep Moisture Wrap - Ecofin is an earth-friendly plant based paraffin alternative treatment. In this treatment your hands and feet are enveloped in warm, deliciously scented melted emollient wraps and cocooned in heated mitts and booties to allow your skin to drink in the moisture. Available in Happy (Raspberry and Grapefruit) and Escape (Peppermint).

$40 for both hands and feet, just one area $25

FarmPress Treatment – The FarmPress can be added onto any facial, body or massage treatment. The FarmPress is a heated poultice of herbs wrapped in fabric which is steamed to be used on sore and tight muscles for relief and relaxation. $37

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