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Meet Michelle Bullock- Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reflexologist for Feet and  Face

Holy Fore Reiki Therapist

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Certified Peri-Steam Therapist

Certified Prenatal Massage

Certified in Lymphatic Drainage

Certified in Treating Massage Clients with Cancer

I’m Michelle Bullock, the owner and manager of Inner Health Spa LLC. A central Illinois native; I attended Little Flower primary school and graduated from Sacred Heart Griffin. After high school, I attended Lincoln Land Community College where I received an Associate’s Degree in Biology. I found myself drawn to helping others and with my increasing interest in the processes of the human body I knew the medical field was for me. I did some research, and found the Radiography Program at Lincoln Land, it was the perfect fit. I graduated the x-ray program with my Associates Degree in Applied Science (AAS) in May 2002 and began work at St. John’s Hospital.

                    That year I married my husband Kelly. He has been my number one supporter and closest friend since October of1995, when we met. We had an opportunity, early in our married lives to achieve our dream of traveling while I worked as an x-ray technologist. I applied to a number of agencies and we were off traveling the USA on a wonderful extended honeymoon. We went all over the USA for 3.5 years and had so much fun meeting new people and seeing all the sites we could in Mississippi, California, Oregon, Connecticut, and Florida.

                  While in Florida in 2004, I stumbled across Colon Hydrotherapy. I had mentioned to a coworker that I was tired all the time, constipated, and overall just not feeling very good. She suggested that I go get a Colonic (Colon Hydrotherapy session). I was skeptical and a bit nervous but I made the appointment. To be honest, my first session was awkward because I didn’t know what to expect, but the results were seen and felt instantly. I felt incredible and had so much energy! I had temporary relief from my constipation, but required more sessions to really improve my bowels. With every session I became more and more relaxed and began to look forward to them. I progressively went back for therapeutic sessions until we left Florida and moved back to central Illinois in September 2005. To my surprise and disappointment, my Google search for a facility to get a colonic here in central Illinois came up empty. I knew right then, that one day I would bring Colon Hydrotherapy to this area. I wanted to help people feel as good as I was feeling. I knew starting a business would take a lot of time and at that point in my life I was ready to start a family, one that I would have time for. 

                    We welcomed two boys into our family and love being parents. Kelly got his HVAC degree and is currently employed by a local Heating and Air Company. I went to work at Memorial Medical Center’s Department of Radiology where I still work occasionally, as needed. I also just finished teaching proper positioning techniques part-time for the LLCC Radiography Program. 

My Colon Hydrotherapy Journey:

                        I received my certification as a Colon Hydrotherapist from the Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic and School, a fully certified postsecondary institution through Nevada. The School is also accredited with I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy). Over the course of my training, I met Donna, who has been doing colonic therapy for 25 years. She shared with me all those years of knowledge, and without her support, Inner Health Spa LLC would never have been realized. 

                       While in Las Vegas, I was able to receive other services that the clinic and school had to offer: ion foot bath, infrared sauna, massage, ear candling, hyper gravity machine, wraps, scrubs, and more. All of these services together, along with the colonic sessions, have relieved my legs, feet, and back of pain that had been tormenting me for many years. The extreme pains of my menstrual cycle are now nonexistent. I believe that these services helped to cleanse my body of the toxins that where causing me so much pain. I’m very grateful to Donna for helping me detox my body and feel good again.    

                       I also would like to thank Nancy at First Bank and Trust, my realtor Mike at ReMax, and all of my supporters that didn’t let me give up on my dream of helping people feel better with Colonics, I owe you more than I can ever say. I love you all!

Meet Our Spa Staff

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