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Felt like I really got results after my massage....was a really good experience. Very relaxing...therapist, Shay, was top notch. Very professional. Stacey 3/17/2020

Was a fantastic gift from daughters Was best place I ever went. Would love to go back!

Julie - 3/5/2020

Shay gave me the most wonderful massage! I have been getting massages for years and I have never felt my body be treated with as much respect and dignity has Shay has. He made me feel like every inch of my body was precious and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Highly recommended. I also had severely tweaked my shoulder at the gym just a few days prior and without even mentioning it or asking, Shay spent extra time working on my shoulders and neck and even offered to help stretch me out. Again, highly recommended!

Alexa 3/3/2020

I had been struggling with lower back pain as well in my shoulders and Michelle did an amazing job!! Would highly recommend her for all your aches and pains!!!            Tami 2/6/2020

Yesterday I had my first facial at Inner Health Spa and it was one of the best experiences of my life! It’s an all natural spa and the esthetician, Kristin, is amazing! Seriously Springfield’s Best Kept Secret. They have a lot of other relaxing and detoxifying services. I can’t wait to try them all. Self-care is important and it is totally worth the money!       Susan 2/2/2020 

Hands down the best! I come here regularly and the ladies that work here and super nice and professional. Kristin is the best! Highly recommend.

Kat 10/19/20149

Most comfortable and relaxing spa to date. I am always so relaxed and they have services for everyone's needs. The knowledge of the ladies is just impressive.

Megan 7-10-19

This place has impeccable customer service. I’ve been here twice for waxing services and Kristin was amazing both times. She was professional and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely be back.                 Kat 6-25-19

Awesome massage. Look forward to trying their other services. Lynn 5-28-19

Great services at a great price! The perfect combination for me is to start with 30 mins in the infrared sauna to get my pores open wide. This helps the detoxing body wrap penetrate deep! I then finish the day up by sitting in the awesome massage chair while I do the detox foot soak and foot massage! I'm already a return client and will continue to be one! You should be proud Michelle, other spas ain't got nothin' on your facility!!! Joanna 10-17-17

So intensely relaxing. I highly recommend a facial by Kristen.       Audrey 9-16-17

Awesomesauce!! The staff is great and I always feel relaxed and refreshed when I leave there... Tammy 8-4-17

The nicest and most friendliest place I have ever went. I've been a client for over a year now and absolutely love this spa. If you're looking for a wonderful relaxing experience, look no further!! Candice 5-21-2017

This place is fabulous. I had a facial today and it was wonderful. Will definitely go back again. The person who did it was amazing too. Nancy 4-29-17

I've gotta say that the massages that I've had at Inner Health Spa have been the best I've ever had! I compare them to a hybrid of a swedish massage and a deep tissue massage all in one. Awesome staff and competitive prices! Chris 2-19-17

Wonderful girls, very relaxing, and I love the products. Can't wait to come back!!!!

Natalie E - 9-7-16

I tried in a health spa for the first time, it was absolutely fabulous. The two women Who provided the services that I had our credit to their profession. I most certainly look forward to going back as they have earned my business. Thank you ladies for an outstanding job.

-Grace M 8-26-16

I went there today for my first massage. The moment I walked in the spa, I was taken aback by just how calm, serene and beautiful the place was. The therapist who did my massage and she was very thorough in assessing my needs and wants and telling me the massage process. She was quiet throughout the massage, which I appreciated as I feel that I can relax more in a quiet environment. That being said she answered any questions I had at any time and was very polite while still ...being down to earth. Her techniques were amazing! I also added aromatherapy to the massage which was a wonderful added touch. I just can't say enough about the place! And the price was so reasonable!

Now let me say I've been to a local, very popular, very expensive spa for my massages in the past. When I was there I did have a couple very good massages. I also had mediocre to painful massages there. And there was always background noise-doors closing, people talking etc., and it just seemed to be a more cold and clinical environment. My experience was nothing like that at Inner Health Spa. Most relaxing massage I've had. I will be back!

-Shelly B 8-6-16

Oh my gosh! I was gifted a Spa Day here by my daughter for my birthday!!! It was the most enjoyable afternoon I've ever spent at a Spa. They were so accommodating, and kind while I was there. Very professional! I would rate it right up there with the Best! Don't hesitate to treat yourself or someone you love. You will be so pleased and won't be able to stop raving about it! Thank You Very Much for my wonderful experience. Sandra H. 3-29-16

I'm not one for treating myself to a facial - between the cost and my skin sensitivity it just isn't worth it. However, I am looking forward to my next organic facial at the Inner Health Spa!!! I've never been more relaxed. And my skin looked, felt, and smelled amazing. And her prices are wonderful as well. Treat yourself. Truly. You'll be happy you did. - Sheri B 2-4-16

From the moment you walk in, you just feel at home and relaxed. The atmosphere and staff are fantastic. The sauna and massage together is my absolute favorite. So relaxing, and detoxifying all at the same time. Every service that I have had the pleasure to receive has been amazing. This place is the best! - F.B. 10-15-2015

Just want to thank michelle at Inner health Spa for taking care of me!! Since I Started my fitness journey I have been to Inner Health Spa for several services and she is top notch!! She has always been interested in my competing journey and makes sure I'm at my best for my shows! She is what all business owners should be like. I can call her with an emergency and she does whatever she can to get me in! I highly recommend her and the other ladies for any of your spa needs! When I called Michelle yesterday and told her of a dilemma i was having she did what she does best and made sure I was taken care of. What she said to me though is what made me realize not only is she is a great business owner, but also a great person, she said "i know what your doing and I Want you to be at your best for your show and I want you to WIN!" That to me meant a lot. She wasn't concerned about another sale, she truly was concerned for me! So thank you michelle Bullock for once again rescuing me. Please consider supporting this local business, you wont be disappointed! - Tracy C. 11-15-2015

Inner Health Spa is a hidden jewel. The services, level of professionalism and the relaxing environment Michelle Bullock and her staff offer are exceptional. I lived in NYC for almost 20 years and never came across a spa like this kind with the services and personal touch. Michelle's passion and her story why she opened her doors is what helps others heal from within. -- Janet C. 11/13/15

Coming from a big city, spas are not a secret. In fact, it's a way of life for most people who are consumed with a busy, stressful lifestyle. Was on a conference with my husband and found one of Springfield's hidden treasures. Just say, it was top of the line. Top of the line in service and ambiance. I felt like I was back in Chicago getting the 5 star treatment that I'm accustom to. What was ultimately awesome was the services were not at a 5 star price and very well could have been due to the type of service provided. Chiffonia and Michelle (owner) are awesome!! If I can help it, I will not be keeping them a secret!!

Alycia B 8-7 15

Best spa day ever!! I strongly recommend the facial and hot stone massage! Thanks for the pampering. I will for sure be back! - Laura R. 10- 24- 2015

I have known Michelle, the owner, for a little over a year now. I've had the opportunity to take advantage of several services offered at Inner Health Spa LLC. It is probably the cleanest facility of its sort that I've EVER been in. Michelle is meticulous about caring for the equipment used for any special procedures. It is nice to feel confident in Michelle's level of knowledge about all of the services her spa provides. She has always been able to answer any questions I have in a very thorough and professional manner. This includes anything from supplements to essential oils and more! I know the extent of training she has had as well. This fact alone makes my visits there completely worth every minute! I would highly recommend Inner Health Spa LLC to anyone interested in caring for his/her body to the fullest extent. You rock, Michelle! Nicole P 10-10-15

"Very helpful staff. I called and set up an appointment for my wife for the very next day. They talked me through exactly what my wife would need and want. Thank you Inner Health Spa." --Denver 5-5-15

"I'm so happy that I found you (Michelle Bullock) and Inner Health Spa!" -- Kristina 2-2-15

"Love love love... this place very relaxing and the massages are some of the best I've ever had! Can't wait to try more......."     Cheryl 1-29-15

"I have had colonic therapy as part of my health care for the past 25 years. I started in Seattle when I lived there. I was excited to learn about Inner Health Spa in Springfield. I recently did a combo massage-colonic and it was really cleansing. I feel so much better! I urge you to try Inner Health Spa. Michelle is very well trained and provides excellent health care. "

-Kevin Purcell

"I have had the pleasure to receive all the services offered at the Inner Health Spa and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in detoxification and relaxation .

 -Fran, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

"I was thrilled when I found through surfing around that there was soon to be a place for colonics in this area! The Ion Foot Bath Sounds intriguing too! Will be looking forward to your business's opening, and I wish you much success!!!!" - JoAnn

"I too was thrilled to learn that there would soon be a safe place to receive colonics in Springfield. Please let me know when you open!" -Kelly

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