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Package Offers

Personalized packages available, just ask!

If your package or total services are over $200, you will be required to give a deposit that is 50% of your total cost. This deposit will go towards your services and will be subject to our policies.

Heated Touch" Package: Add a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session to any massage for $15

"Hot Foot" Package: $47  - 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session and 45 minute Ion Foot Bath

"Detox Your Body” Package: $115 - 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session, 45 minute Ion Foot Bath, and 60 minute Colonic Session

 "Detox and Relax" Package: $170 Hour Swedish massage and 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session

                                                                    45 minute Ion Foot Bath and 60 minute Colonic Session 

The Hot Wrap” Package:  $100 - Infrared Sauna Session and 75 minute Organic Body Wrap or Scrub

The Relaxed Wrap” Package: $140 - Hour Swedish Massage and 75 minute Organic Body Wrap or Scrub

The Wrap and Glow” Package: $172 - Organic Body Wrap (or scrub) and Organic Facial – 2 hours

The Soon-To-Be Mom Spa Day” Package: $135 -  Hour Pregnancy Massage and 90 minute Organic Facial, lying at incline

Relax and Shine” Package: $140 - Hour Swedish Massage and 90 minute Organic Facial

The Great Spa Escape” Package:  $225 - Swedish Massage, Organic Body Wrap or Scrub

                                                                                and Organic Facial - (3 hours in total)

Couples (or Friends) Escape -  $255  - Relax in our couples room with Hour Swedish Massages 

                                                                                          followed by a 45 minute organic facial. 

                                                                                                  upgrade to a 90 minute organic facial for a total of $295

                                                                   any other upgrades or add ons just call and ask, we will make a special package just for you

Spa Day for Two

Whether it’s Mother Daughter Day, Couples Day, or Best Friends Day this package is for you. Spend about 3.5 hours together getting pampered while cleansing your body from head to toe. Enjoy these 4 services for $380 

                                         60 minute Swedish massage

                                         30 minute Infrared Sauna Session

                                         45 minute Ion Foot Bath

                                         90 minute Organic Body Wrap --OR-- 90 minute Organic Facial

                                                        (15% gratuity is automatically added on)

                                         If you would like to enjoy as many of these services at the same time,Please let us know ahead of time and we will  

                                          see what we can accommodate.

Buy 3 Hour Swedish Massages for $170. 

Buy 3 Hour Deep Tissue Massages for $215. 

Buy 3 - $95 Organic Facials for $260. 

Group Packages

We can accommodate a group of people up to 7-10.  (Smaller parties can enjoy more services per person.) Your party will enjoy the whole spa exclusively with a minimum of $750 in services. Once the services are chosen prior to booking, we would be able to give you a special group rate.  You can bring in food and beverages. (Please be aware, that some of our services cannot be performed if alcohol has been consumed.) A non-refundable deposit of half the package price must be received 3 weeks in advance to reserve the spa for your party.

                          (20% gratuity is automatically added onto each client's total)

Brides: What a great way to get ready for your big day with your friends! We will detox, cleanse and pamper your skin for that glowing look every bride wants.

Birthday Parties: What a great way to start a new year of your life! Detoxing and cleansing your body for great health.

 14 Day Cleanse Package

This package includes 14 days of services and cleansing product to help rejuvenate your entire body. This package is $415 and includes the following: 

                   6 – 30 minute sauna sessions

                   3 - 40 minute ion foot baths

                   3 - Colonic sessions

                   Probiotics and a full body cleanse kit 

Within the 14 days, you may have as many massages for $50 as you would like (regular price is $60).

           (15% gratuity is automatically added on)

30 Day Cleanse Elite Package

This package includes 30 days of intense cleansing for your body.  This Package is $620 and includes the following services:

                2 - 60 minute Swedish Massages

                1 - 100 minute Organic Body Scrub or Wrap

                3 - 45 minute Ion Foot Baths

                6 - 30 minute Infrared Sauna Sessions

                3 - Colon Hydrotherapy sessions

                Probiotics and a 14 day total body cleanse kit

                To get all the services within the 30 days, you will spend about 1.5 to 2 hours a session for a total of 6 sessions in the month.

                   (15% gratuity is automatically added on)

We now accept Care Credit Cards with 6 months interest free for purchases over $200. Please see our Care Credit page for more information.