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Year Round Gift Ideas

We have a variety of facial and skincare items for sale. We also have Candles, Himalayan Salt lamps, Bath Fizzers, Yogi Teas, and Doterra Oils. We offer gift cards of any dollar amount for our services.

Our Skincare line is FarmHouse Fresh, . They are a USA company, based out of Texas. All the product ingredients are grown in the USA except for 2.

They are also a rescue ranch for ALL types of animals. 

Below are the different gift ideas we have created for sale but we can

always make up a personalized gift for you.

These gift ideas are available for pick up or delivery with in

Springfield city limits year round for an additional $6.

The Basic Whoopie Gift Bag

Whoopie Body Wash

Whoopie Shea Butter Lotion

2 Whoopie Bath Fizzers

With a $50 Gift Card All For $90

or With a $100 Gift Card All For $140

Fluffy Bunny can be substituted for the Whoopie scent.

The Premium Whoopie Gift Bag​

All the Basic Bag Items Plus

Whoopie Lip Balm

Whoopie Lip Scrub

Honey Heel Glaze

Lavender Bath Salt

With a $50 Gift Card All For $155

With a $100 Gift Car All For $202

Fluffy Bunny can be substituted for the Whoopie scent.

Basic Facial Gift Basket

Green Tea Milk Wash

Three Milk Day Moisturizer

One Fine Day Facial Scrub

With a $50 Gift Card All For $135

Or With a $100 Gift Card All For $185

Premium Facial Gift Bag

All the Basic Facial Items Plus


Three Milk Night Moisturizer

Pajama Paste Mask(or choose from other certain masks)

With a $50 Gift Card All For $210

With a $100 Gift Card All For $270

Below are the gift collections from Farmhouse Fresh

that we have on hand year round in the spa.

Stop in to try the free samples any time.

They smell amazing!

Apple Harvest Gift Basket

Includes: Honey Apple Oat Goats Milk Soap

Honey - Chai Steeped Milk lotion

Hot Apple Cider Fizzer

Lavender Honey Gift Basket

Includes: Lavender Honey Whole Milk Soap

Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Lotion

Fluffy Bunny Bath Fizzer

Front Porch Gift Basket

Includes: Front Porch Shea Butter Soap

Front Porch Hand Lotion

Skin Saviors Shea Butter Sampler

Includes these 3 lotions:

Whoopie Shea Butter Lotion

Rainbow Road

Fluffy Bunny

Pedi Delight Instant Pedicure Sampler

Includes: Honey Heel Glaze

Honey Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion

Quick Recovery

Face Mask Sampler



Includes: Guac Star Avocado Mask, Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Mud Mask

Pudding Apeel Tapioca Glycolic Mask 

Fast Fix Face Mask Sampler


Mighty Tighty Tightening Mask

Sundae Best Chocolate Mask

Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask

Over The Moon Ageless Body Mousse Set


Moon Dip

Blissed Moon Dip

Serene Moon Dp

Sweeping Softness


Sweet Cream Sea Salt Scrub

Whoopie Cream Shea Butter Lotion

Agave Nectar Body Oil

Sugar Sugar Gift Set

Includes: Sweet Cream Scrub

Whoopie Shea Butter Hand Cream

Whoopie Deluxe Boxed Gift Set

All Whoopie items of:

Shea Butter for body

shea butter hand cream

body wash

travel candle

Bath Fizzers

We sell a variety of bath fizzers scents:

CBD Rosemary MInt

Hot Apple Cider

Cranberry Orange Bark

Crisp Champagne

Cucumber Fresca

Fluffy Bunny

Sparkling Passion Fruit


Dog Bed Fairy Book

Is it True, They Call You the Dog Bed Fairy?


Become a Certified FHF Dog Bed Fairy when you purchase this book!

What do each of the dogs in the shelter say when given their very own dog bed? This funny, endearing, hard-cover picture book captures their thoughts in a furry tale that will touch your heart, while providing dog beds to shelters across the U.S. FarmHouse Fresh donates $7 of each book purchase to buy beautiful, durable, washable dog beds.

Earn your Dog Bed Fairy Wings - or grant them to a friend or loved one!

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