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Organic and Natural Facial Treatments

Our luxurious organic and natural facials include a 3 step deep cleanse, an exfoliating scrub, pore clarifying treatment, relaxing de-stressing massage, a decadent mask with infused compresses and much more. It’s a treat for your skin and your senses!

Anti-aging Facials

stimulating, smoothing, lifting, skin tone evening treatments 90 minutes for $111

This facial can be done as a 1 hour for $87

Coffee & Cream

CoQ10 complexion perfection facial

Starry Skin

HI-Bio amplifying facial

Chocolate Fig Fondant

Repairing facial

Ultimate Anti-aging Treatments

in addition to our facial protocol, the following treatments also include an ultrasonic infusion to penetrate the active ingredients deep in your skin so you can see beautiful results! Then our high frequency tightens skin by bathing it in ions, leaving you with a firm, toned facial contour.

105 minutes for $149

Chocolate & Strawberries-

Pore Refining & Nourishing Treatment

Cactus Pear Quencher

Glow Infusion Firming Facial

Bountiful Berries

Anti-aging Plantfoliant Facial

Intensive Renewal Anti-aging Treatment

An advanced treatment utilizing epidermal leveling to eliminate fine lines, lighten hyperpigmentation and increase product absorption. This is followed by a stem cell infusion to repair and stimulate healthy skin cell production and a soothing peptide mask to smooth the facial contours. 90 minutes $161 (This facial includes DermaPlaning)

Vanilla Bean & Fig Soothing Facial- The warm softness of vanilla and fig pair nicely with this advanced anti-aging treatment for real results.

Resurfacing/Brightening Radiant Reveal Treatments

These treatments include microdermabrasion for skin renewal; and alpha/beta hydroxy acids for texture and pigment improvement, and reversal of sun damage. 105 minutes for $161

Power Pudding

Age Renewing Facial

Grape Escape

Resveratrol Recovery Facial

Microdermabrasion Treatment

This is a minimally invasive procedure is used to renew skin and texture. It is considered a safe procedure for most skin types and tones. Microdermabrasion helps improve the following concerns: fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, dull looking skin, and uneven skin texture. Can be utilized on body as well.

60 minutes for $88 or $90 minutes for $128






Hydrating Treatments

Refreshing and plumping moisture 90 minutes for $111

This facial can be done as a 1 hour for $87

Watercress Moisturewave

Hydrating & Balancing Facial

Guac & Glow

Toning & Tightening Moisture Facial

Berries & Botanical Milk

Antioxidant Hydrating Facial



Brightening Treatments

Hyper pigmentation, age spot, and overall glow enhancing treatments 90 minutes for $111

This facial can be done as a 1 hour for $87

Twilight Beaming

HI-Bio Hemp Radiating

Green Tea Parfait

Pore Refining & Pigment Correcting

Pumpkin Fig

Illuminating Facial



Calming Treatments

Soothing care for sensitive skin 90 minutes for $111

This facial can be done as a 1 hour for $87

Lavender & Berries

Relaxation Soother Treatment

Magic Milk

Probiotic Calming Facial

Peat Purity

Vegetative Calming Facial



Clear and Calm Ultimate Oil and Acne Treatment

Balancing and calming for acne, oily and problem skin. Includes rotating brush exfoliation, deep pore cleansing treatment, pore vacuum extraction, and high frequency for acne clearing and oil balancing - 2 hours for $161

Lettuce Be Clear!

Mattifying & Clarifying Treatment

Green Tea & Probiotic Milk

Calming-Clarifying Treatment

Acne Treatment / Teen Facial

An efficient deep pore cleansing and extraction treatment

45 minutes for $75. $20 for every additional 15 minutes



New Acne Treatment Package!


We are now offering a new acne treatment option to our lineup!

Our new Essential Acne Treatment uses exfoliating brushes for a deep cleanse with steam, deep pore ultrasonic cleansing and extractions, and high frequency along with our effective facial products and high frequency to kill acne bacteria.

But it doesn't end there! This package also includes your home care products- which are essential for truly getting acne cleared and the skin balanced and glowing.


The home care regimen includes:

New Groove Cleansing Gel - A purifying gel cleanser that calms and brightens skin with Hi-Bio Hemp, micro kale extract, and green tea extract.


Super Lettuce Facial Tonic - Alcohol free, reduces excess oils, and bathes skin in antioxidants, phytonutients and vitamins. Contains triple hydroxy acids and sodium hyaluronate to renew and pull moisture into skin.


Kale Water Weightless Moisturizer - Nutrient dense- loaded with vitamins and phytonutients to brighten and smooth skin, improve skin texture, and penetrate and retain moisture in skin. Balances oil while keeping pores clear.


Includes 1 treatment mask selected specifically for your acne type from the following:

Sanded Ground Clarifying mud exfoliation mask

Resurfaces skin while absorbing impurities and unclogging pores

Will Dew Organic Probiotic Milk Balancing Mask

Helps to rebalance microbiome and repair the skin's barrier function

Matcha Purity Calm and Clear Purification Mask

Calms , balances oils, and absorbs impurities


Our package offer is 3 - 60 minute acne facials and 4 home care products for $389 (normally $459)

After you have completed the 3 sessions, we are offering you an exclusive, ongoing discount: 3 pack of 60 minute acne facials for $285


Gentleman's Facial

A deep cleansing and hydrating facial designed for men's skincare needs.

90 minutes for $111

This facial can be done as a 1 hour for $87

Heirloom Earth

Restorative Facial

Groovy Greens

Nourishing CBD Facial

Sinus Relief Facial

A soothing facial with a decongesting steam treatment, and acupressure massage to help relief sinus pressure -

 90 minutes for $111

Add a 30 minute back massage to help break up congestion for $45 

Sinus Rem-e-tea Rosemary Mint Sinus Relief Treatment

Mini Facial

a facial for busy schedules - 30 minutes for $56

Radiant Express - Steaming Power Facial

Back Facial

A soothing and calming treatment to exfoliate, clear acne breakouts and refresh the back. Includes a body buffer massage and high frequency to clear and balance oil.

60 minutes for $99

Facial add ons


Blackberry Wine & Chocolate Lip Treatment - an age erasing lip treatment that uses the power of COQ10 to treat the lip contour $15

Pineapple Pudding Quenching Lip Renewal - exfoliating and deep moisturizing treatment to help with or prevent dry, chapped lips. $15

Collagen Crystal Gel Lip Mask - Hydrating and Plumping lip mask for fine lines and wrinkles.  $12


Lavender Hibiscus Revital-eyes Treatment- Cool lavender Hibiscus Eye compresses soothe the eye contour, then our advanced

                                                                            peptide gel eye mask hydrates and relaxes fine lines. Gentle heat, micro-massage and LED

                                                                            helps to tighten the skin, move out excess fluid and lighten dark circles. $25


The Big Bare Back- a moisturizing and exfoliating back scrub. Perfect to maintain your back between back facials.

                                   Enjoy for $21 Add extractions for $20


Chocolate Citrus Décolleté- a full treatment for your décolleté which includes a Shea butter defoliant, our anti-aging chocolate mask,

                                                 brightening serum and Clementine body oil to brighten, smooth and hydrate. $30


Seafoam Sunburn Relief - hot, sunburnt skin is relieved with cool Lemongrass Ocean compresses, followed with our Lavender and Mint

                                             Julep Fluffy Bunny bubblemask and shea butter to hydrate parched skin. Cool off your skin for $30

Hydrocool Modeling Mask- A cooling, deep moisturizing treatment that soothes skin while you relax. The hardened mask is then lifted off

                                                revealing plump, hydrated skin. Add to a facial for $20


All Clear Sinus Soother- Warm rosemary mint tea compresses, acupressure massage and a cool, soothing jade mask will help

                                           alleviate sinus pressure. $20

Cool Rush CBD Sinus Soother- Warm rosemary mint tea compresses, our Pretty Amped dual phase CBD facial serum in oil with

                                                        acupressure massage, and a cool, soothing jade mask help alleviate sinus pain and pressure. $25


Honey Glaze and Cream Foot Cocoon- Feet are refreshed with warm towels soaked in Nectar Milk, exfoliated to smoothness with our

                                                                    Whipped Honey scrub, then painted with Honey Heel Glaze and cocooned in hot towels. $25

Ecofin Hydrating Emulsion- This paraffin alternative deeply moisturizes your skin leaving hands and feet buttery soft. Add to a facial for $30.


Brighten & Tighten LED Light Therapy- relax under our LED light to plump skin, fade sun damage, help soothe rosacea, calm acne,

                                                                     improve elasticity and tighten jowls. Add to a facial for $20

Stem Cell Infusion- An advanced treatment that uses ultrasonic infusion to repair damaged cells and enriches the skin with vitamins and

                                  minerals. Improves skin tone, texture and elasticity. Add to a facial for $49

Massage Upgrade

House-made Butter Melt Heavenly Hot Stone Massage- Clementine body oil, and Sunflower Honey-Butter Serum combined with hot

                                                                                                 stones take your facial (neck and shoulders too!) massage to the next level. $30

Canna-Peace CBD Relaxation- upgrade your facial massage with our Swell Being Hemp Oil for added relaxation. $7


High Frequency Electrotherapy – Used to disinfect and oxygenate the skin, regulate oil production, clear acne, firm skin,

                                                           and increase the cell turnover rate.               Add to a facial for $12

Ultrasound - Ultrasound has many anti-aging benefits and is especially beneficial for deeply penetrating serums and active ingredients

                       and for clearing the excess fluid and lightening the dark circles under the eyes.             Add to a facial for $23 

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