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1733 South 5th Street in Springfield, IL ---217-572-1611

Open Tuesday through Saturday 

Inner Health Spa

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We have partnered with FarmHouse Fresh. When you follow this link below to purchase products straight from FarmHouse Fresh's website they share the sale with us. Thanks for supporting us!

Black Friday Sale

Sales are good Nov 15th to Nov 26th

Sale on Gift Cards:

For every $100 in gift cards you buy,

receive an additional $20 for Free

(up to $500)

Sales on Spa Services:

Buy 4 - Sauna Sessions for $22 each, get 2 FREE (Total $88)
Buy 2 - Ion Foot Baths for $39 each, get 1 FREE (Total $78)

Buy 2 - Hour Swedish Massages for $72 each, get 1 for $45 

(Total $189) Make them 90 minutes for $60 more

Buy 2 - Hour Deep Tissue Massages for $89 each, get 1 for $55

(Total $233) Make them 90 minutes for $60 more

Buy Hour Swedish Couples Massage for $130 (Normally $159)

Buy 2 - 90 min Facial for $106 each, get 1 for $75 (Total $287)

Buy 2 - Hour Facials for $83 each, get 1 for $45 (Total $211)

Buy 2 - Ultimate Youthful Contour Facial for $142 each,

get 1 for $99 (Total $383)

Buy 2 - Hour Microdermabrasion Sessions for $84, 

get 1 for $40 (total $208)

Buy 2 - Body Wrap Treatment for $106, get 1 for $80 (Total $292)

Buy 1 - Tub Oasis, for $125, get 1 for $99

(Total $224, ask if interested in the hemp soak)

Buy 2 - Full Removal Brazilian Wax for $84 each, 

get 1 for $50 (Total $218)

Buy 2 - Eye Brow Waxes for $17 each, get one Free (Total $34)

Only one of each category per customer on the service sales
Buy as many categories as you would like

You can call your order in
with your credit card or use the one on file, 217-572-1611

Gift Cards Through Square

Follow this link and order your gift card through Square online for the spa. It's just that easy!!

The recite number will serve as your gift card number, make sure it ivisible when you print it.

(on the lower right side on the email recite that you will get confirming the purchase)