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The Tub Oasis

Let the stress melt off as you relax and unwind in this beautiful oasis.

To start this full body treatment, your skin will be exfoliated using body brushes, Next, you will soak in the soothing bath of your choice surround by beautiful flowers, candles and a water fall. After rinsing off, you will lay down on a massage table and have a body lotion applied to your skin.

90 minutes of relaxation 

Citrus Ginger Detox Soak - $128

This soak’s ingredients help to detox your body: kaolin clay, black hawaiian and epsom salt, kelp, essential oils of ginger and orange, cranberry and orange fizzers, ginger sorbet lotion

Relax Your Mind Soak - $128

Relax and let all your worries go with these soak ingredients: lavender oil, agave nectar oil, epsom and himalayan salts, green tea, nectar body milk, fluffy bunny fizzers, hello yellow lotion

Milk, Oats and Honey Moisturizing Soak - $128

Soothe and refresh your skin with these soak ingredients: honey, oatmeal, nectar body milk , epsom salt, fluffy bunny fizzers, sunflower butter lotion

Beach Side Soak - $128

Close your eyes and pretend that you are on the beach somewhere with the aromas of these ingredients: citrine powder, lemongrass ocean soak which includes epsom and dead sea salts, kelp, champagne and fresca fizzers, island elixir lotion

Pain Away Soak with CBD - $144

Refresh your body with this CBD soak: CBD and patchouli oils, comfrey root, epsom and sea salts, alfalfa, rosemary mint hemp fizzers, mellow moon dip (CBD) lotion

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